Symplectic topology, contact topology, and interactions

A thematic trimester program in symplectic topology at the Institut Henri Poincaré from the April 19 to July 17, 2021

It has been more than 25 years ago that the previous thematic program on symplectic topology took place at Institut Henri Poincaré. Since then, the field has undergone a spectacular transformation earning itself a central position in the mathematical landscape. It interacts strongly with other fields such as dynamical systems, low dimensional topology, homotopical algebra, and algebraic geometry.

In addition to these scientific motivations, the thematic trimester will also provide an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Emmanuel Giroux and Claude Viterbo, two of the founding fathers of contact and symplectic topology in France, who will both turn 60 in 2021.

There is a general registration form, in addition to registration to individual events listed below.

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Main events

Scientific committee

D. Auroux Berkeley
P. Biran Zurich
T. Ekholm Uppsala
Y. Eliashberg Stanford
H. Hofer Princeton
D. McDuff Columbia


J.F. Barraud Toulouse
F. Bourgeois Orsay
V. Colin Nantes
S. Courte Grenoble
M. Damian Strasbourg
H. Eynard-Bontemps Paris
V. Humilière Paris
P. Massot Orsay
P. Massot Orsay
K. Niederkrüger Lyon
A. Oancea Paris
S. Seyfaddini Paris